Monday, September 1, 2014


skin:  Glam Affair, lilith
hair:  Zibska, ganymede
dress:  Teefy, aphrodite@Collabor88-August
bracelet:  (fd), medusa@Collabor88-August
shoes:  Ingenue, artemis flats@Collabor88-August
pose:  EverGlow
build:  Tarte, temple pergola@Collabor88

Monday, October 14, 2013

something More

Have you ever wondered if you're meant for something more?  I'm not talking about fame necessarily but something with more purpose.  I suppose this is why I volunteer as much as I can and maybe why I work in the creative arts field.  It makes me feel like I'm a tiny part of a bigger picture.

I hope you have a great week full of productivity, creativity, happiness, health and love!

dress and boots:  Milk Motion, transparent lace dress & floral combat boots @Collabor88-Oct
earrings and necklace:  Yummy, waxing moon enchantment earrings & pendant @Collabor88-Oct
lingerie:  lzzie's, jolie lingerie
skin:  The Skinnery, runa-cotton candy @TheCandyFair-Sim 3
hair:  ploom, vanellope @TheCandyFair-Sim 3
pose:  Del May
hands:  Slink
nails:  Flair, set 159

Sunday, October 6, 2013


forward is the way to freeing yourself from the past, and finding out who you really are.

@Collabor88, September-Last day
dress:  Katat0nik, apple jacket dress
earrings:  Yummy, tiny acorn earrings
skin:  Glam Affair, Shanna
shoes:  Ingenue, delia heels

socks:  lzzie's, knee socks (slink feet required)
hair:  Analog Dog, seven
nails:  Flair
pose:  Model Poses, martina @TheSeasonsStory-through October 10!
place:  Carpe Diem Surf

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday girl

I love Sundays-so much so that this is the second post I've named Sunday.  I hope you've had a lovely weekend!  Today is the last day for the Love Donna Flora event and there are really some nice things there.  I love the nail designs from A:S:S:.

dress:  even.flow, evolution dress @Love Donna Flora-last day!
hair:  ploom, cassie
nails:  A:S:S:, cherry blossom @Love Donna Flora-last day!
pose:  Nani @Love Donna Flora-last day!
skin:  Glam Affair, lilith-artic
hands&feet:  Slink
place:  Baja Norte

Thursday, August 8, 2013


For some reason, I thought Food Fair went through mid-August but it actually ended last Sunday. It's hard to keep up with all the sl events.  So I love this Mr. Pop tee from Somnia.  I just checked the store and I didn't see this particular tee but she has similar ones which are also adorable. 

top:  Somnia, Mr. Pop Tee
shorts:  Molichino, Swinbourne Shorts @Love Donna Flora
skin:  League, Aria
hair:  [kik], Machiko
hands:  Slink
pose:  Purple Poses @Love Donna Flora

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Be Mine Only

How do you come up with titles for your posts?  Sometimes I choose titles based on specific items in my photos.  More often though, I use something I've jotted down in my journal-a phrase maybe or part of a conversation I overheard in my favorite cafe or a song lyric.  Also, choosing a title depends a lot on what is going on in my life at that particular moment. Every title means something to me.  I'm always interested to learn about people's creative process.

I decided to play around some in photoshop and gave my images an antiquey aged look. I'm more of an illustrator girl but I'm learning to love photoshop.

I finally splurged on the sLink barefeet and I'll never take them off (yeah, I know I'm behind).  I don't buy shapes often but I decided to try a Savoir Faire Shape.  They are having a 50% off sale through December 3.  And I know I always go on about Sn@tch but I love Ivey Deschanel's fashions.  That is all.  At least for an early Saturday morning.  I hope you have a great weekend!

top:  Sn@tch, Amber Paisley-Newish
denim:  Boom, Threadbare Manchesters @Collabor88-Newish
hair:  [LeLutka], Nook-Newish
skin:  Dutch Touch, LuuS
shape:  Savoir Faire Shapes, Sarah
feet:  SLink
pose:  Adorkable, Enchant
place:  Sorrento Paradiso Mediterraneo 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Higher Ground

Do you ever stalk the feeds looking for an item that you're about to blog hoping it won't be blogged 1,000 times over.  And yeah, guess what?  It's blogged, maybe not 1,000 times but quite a lot.  Oh well, people have good taste!  And since this new blog is too new to be on any feeds, why do I even care?

I'm wearing the new boho dress by DCNY.  I love it.  Schadenfreude is becoming one of my fave shops because I never know what Allegory is going to come up with and I'm always pleasantly surprised.  I decided to try some hair from Analog and I kind of like it.

Anyways, it's Monday and I hope all of you have a fabulous one because if more people have great Mondays (as opposed to the number of people that have bad ones) then maybe, just maybe, all that goodness will reach each of us.  Corny I know but I try to be an optimist in a sea of pessimists.  

"Cause my last time on earth I lived a whole world of sin
I'm so glad I know more than I knew then
Gonna keep on tryin'
Till I reach my highest ground."--s.wonder

dress:  DCNY, boho baby dress
socks:  Snatch, shannon garter socks (lights)
shoes:  Schadenfreude, amargosa boots @Collabor88
necklace:  Kosh, adain (unisex) @Mens Dept.
hair:  Analog, mint
skin:  My Ugly Dorothy, skin of the sunday 32
pose:  Adorkable, assorted from calm, flux and honey
place:  Old Japan